Sunday, April 5, 2015

Fujica Mini

This is one of my favorite half frame cameras. It's has a fixed focus 25mm, f2.8 lens. The exposure meter is very simple to use, so there really is no excuse not to take the Mini everywhere with you. This is not a very common camera but good old Mike Butkus has a manual for it on his very useful site (don't forget to donate if you use it).
First two are from Toronto, and the last is from Chicago.

Moskva 4

Blimey, its a year since I posted. Time to make it up. I have been using my collection and I have taken some pics. How quickly time goes when you are up to your eyeballs in work.
This is the Moskva 4 Russian 6x9 folder, a take-off of the Zeiss Ikonta, which I've just acquired but not used yet. The lens in the Moskva is very, very good - but the camera is tricky to hold. Everything seems to be on the wrong side.
These are pictures from my "studio", a small condo in the same building as my principal abode. A deal I made with my wife to keep cameras out of her hair.